Balanced diet for healthy life

I want to speak about the most important points you have to do to follow the Mediterranean diet. There are ten recommendations for a good and healthy diet:

Med-Diet-Pyramid-1piramide 1

olive oil1- Use olive oil as the main added fat. It is the most used oil in the Mediterranean countries. This food is a treasure in the Mediterranean diet, and has lasted through centuries among regional eating habits, giving a unique flavour and aroma to the meal.

5 a daylegumes nuts2 – Eat vegetable products in abundance: fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. The vegetables (potatoes included) and fruits are the main source of vitamins and minerals to our diet and they provide both, a lot of water and fiber. It is essential to consume five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

whole grains3 – The bread and food from cereals (pasta, rice, and especially their grain products) should be part of the daily diet. Daily consumption of pasta, rice and cereals is essential because of their carbohydrate composition. They provide us a significant portion of the energy required for our daily activities. For adults, it is preferable to consume whole grains. Keep in mind that their grain products have more fiber, minerals and vitamins.

no processed4 – Minimally processed foods, fresh and seasonal are most suitable. It is important to use seasonal products because, especially in the case of fruit and vegetables, we can consume them at their best moment, as input of nutrients and as for their aroma and flavour.

egss and dairy p5 – Consume dairy products, especially milk, yogurt and cheese. Nutritionally these products are excellent sources of high biological value protein, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, etc.) and vitamins. For adults it is better consuming them low-fat.

In the same way, eggs contain high quality proteins, fats and many vitamins and minerals that make them a very rich food. Eating three or four eggs a week is a good alternative to meat and fish.

fish poultry6 – Eat fish in abundance and poultry in moderation. It is recommended eating oily fish at least once or twice a week because their fats have very similar properties to vegetables’ which are said to be protective against cardiovascular disease.

7 – Red meat should be eaten in moderation and if possible as part of stews and other recipes. Processed meats (sausages for example) should be consumed in small amounts as ingredients of snacks and sandwiches. Excessive consumption of animal fats is not very dessertgood for our health.

8 – Fresh fruit should be the usual dessert. Sweets and pastries should be eaten occasionally. Fruits are very nutritious foods that add colour and flavour to our daily diet. They are also a good alternative as snacks between meals.

9 – Water is the drink par excellence in the Mediterranean area. The wine should be waterdrunk in moderation and with meals. Water is essential in our diet. Wine is a traditional food in the Mediterranean diet and it can have beneficial health effects consuming it in moderation and in the context of a balanced diet.

10 – Do physical activity every day, and that is as important as eating right.

In a normal physiological state, there is no need to get any nutritional supplements if you follow a balanced diet.

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